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Transport Assessment
The Transport Assessment Process: The Transport Assessment Form

A Transport Assessment Form (TAF) (Appendix A) must be completed in conjunction with each planning application.
The TAF is in 4 Parts. Part A must be completed for all developments or redevelopments and contains a number of questions related to the nature and scale of the development. Its purpose is to screen out those applications where no further information on the transport impacts of the proposal is required.
Where the answer to any of the questions in Part A of the TAF is yes, Parts B, C and D must also be completed. The purpose of parts B, C and D is to provide information to enable Planning Service, in consultation with Roads Service, to decide whether a detailed Transport Assessment is required.
A detailed Transport Assessment will be required where the development or re-development is considered to be likely to have significant transport implications, no matter the size. The coverage and detail of the Transport Assessment should reflect the scale and the likely extent of transport impacts of the proposed scheme.
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