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The Transport Assessment Process: Scoping Discussions

Throughout the process of securing planning permission, the main point of contact for the developer will be with the Planning Service. However other bodies, such as Roads Service and public transport providers, may also need to be involved, depending on the nature, scale and location of the proposal. Early discussions with these parties will help to save time later in the planning process by ensuring that all issues have been covered in the Transport Assessment. For example, these discussions could cover issues such as:
  • the requirements for complying with the Development Plan policies in order to promote sustainable transport;
  • the scope of information needed from a developer;
  • the availability of local data that may assist in the preparation of a Transport Assessment.
These discussions should also be used to identify measures needed to promote a wider choice of access to the site particularly by non-car modes, including:
  • improvements or modifications to pedestrian access (including facilities for people with impaired mobility);
  • improvements or modifications to cycle access;
  • improvements or modifications to public transport services;
  • the need for a Travel Plan 3 and Service Vehicle Plan; and
  • the use of planning conditions and planning and other legal agreements to secure these measures.
On-going liaison between developers and the Planning Service will enable agreement as to the nature and scale of the development so that later, and potentially more expensive, changes will not be needed.
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