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Transport Assessment
The Transport Assessment Process: Guidance for Deciding Whether a Detailed Transport Assessment is Required

As a guide, proposals exceeding the following parameters may have sufficient transport impacts to require the completion of a detailed Transport Assessment.
Size: the size thresholds set out in the table below.
Thresholds above which a Detailed Transport Assessment may be required
Food retail 1,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Non-food retail 1,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Cinemas and conference facilities 1,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Leisure facilities 1,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Business 2,500m2 Gross Floor Area
Industry 5,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Distribution and warehousing 10,000m2 Gross Floor Area
Hospitals 2,500m2 Gross Floor Area
Higher and further education 2,500m2 Gross Floor Area
Stadia 1,500 seats
Housing 100 dwellings
Location: sites that do not conform with Development Plan policy or accessibility criteria that may be contained in the Development Plan.  These sites are likely to be those only easily accessible by car, generally located on the edges of urban areas, in green belts, out-of-town, near motorway junctions. Applicants should refer to PPS 12 Housing in Settlements, PPS 13 Transportation and Land Use and PPS 3 Access, Movement and Parking.
Activity: 100 or more vehicle movements in the peak hour.
Other considerations: where the Planning Service and the Roads Service consider the proposals raise significant transport implications, such as where the development is likely to:
  • generate significant traffic at peak times in a congested area, a sensitive location or an important traffic route or road junction;
  • generate significant freight movements;
  • generate traffic late at night in a residential area, particularly lorries;
  • raise significant concerns over road safety.
The guidance outlined above also refers to developments involving changes of use or alterations or intensification of an existing use.
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