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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland
Presenting your Proposals: Forms

Together with the drawings you should submit the following information to make your planning application
  • P1 Application for permission to develop land.
  • P2 Certificate under article 22 of the Planning (NI) Order 1991. Relating to land ownership and tenancy  
  • P1C Planning application for a house on a farm necessary if it is located in a Green belt or Countryside Policy Area or taking access from a Main Traffic Route.
  • NN1 Neighbour notification
  • Planning application fees
Please check that all necessary information is provided, to avoid delay caused by an incomplete application
Even with an application for outline planning permisson, that is, to establish the principle of development, it will be desirable and sometimes necessary to submit a site analysis drawing to enable the Department to access the proposal. In absence of a site analysis drawing the Department may conclude that the development proposed for the particular site would not fit into its rural setting. It will often be helpful to submit photographs of the site including photographs taken from the various vantage points
The Department does not needdetailed construction drawings such as would be submitted for consent under the Building Regulations. The Department is interested in how the proposed buildings would relate to their surroundings and applications which are presented in accordance with this Guide will normally satisfy the requirements for information about design.
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