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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland (Summary)
The Design Process

The Design Brief

In drawing up your scheme the first step is to make a list of instructions, or a Brief, for your designer to follow.

Finding the Right Site

The next step is the selection of your site. You are strongly advised to check any site with your designer before making a final decision. The choice of the right site is a basic requirement for a successful scheme.

Scheme Design

When you are considering the site, make sure to discuss with your designer all the factors, including access and boundary treatment, which are illustrated in the Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland.
In Northern Ireland we need to improve the quality of development in the countryside. Standard plans are generally not suitable for use in the countryside since they cannot take account of the surroundings and the special character of the site.
The Department is working to improve the quality of rural design and the Guide emphasises that buildings should be designed to fit into, rather than dominate, the landscape.

Presenting your Proposals

The designer's job is to turn your instructions into drawings for consideration by the Department and you should instruct your designer to present your scheme in accordance with the Design Guide.
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