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Building On Tradition - A Sustainable Design Guide for the Northern Ireland Countryside

'Building on Tradition: A Sustainable Design Guide for the Northern Ireland Countryside' provides assistance to all those involved with sustainable development in the Northern Ireland countryside to understand the requirements of PPS21. The guide promotes quality and sustainable building design in Northern Ireland's countryside.

Download the document

Due to the large size of the document it can be downloaded in sections using the links below:
01: Introduction
02: Our Place - what makes it special
03: Re-use and Conversion
04: Visually Integrated
05: Replacement
06: New Build
07: Building on Tradition

The entire document can be downloaded as a single large file using the link below. Please note that due to its size this file is best downloaded by right-clicking the link and selecting 'save target as'.
A synopsis of responses received to the public consultation has been produced and is available by clicking on the link below:
ERRATUM (Hard Copy Edition):
Page 141: image credit to illustration no.30 should read: – (page 56 and 67) Restoration and new build by Mi Architects Ltd.
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