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DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment
Application Forms - Completed and Signed  (Page 1 of 2)

  • Form P1 – Application for permission to develop land. The fee should be entered in the appropriate section. The address should be site specific and not simply the road name or townland.
  • Form P2 – Certificate under Article 22 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991. This form constitutes a statement of ownership, not proof of ownership.
  • Form NN1 – The neighbour notification form. This should include the addresses of any adjoining owner/occupiers of buildings, including those along any access track or private lane.


  • An O.S. base map to an appropriate scale (usually 1:25,000) showing the cell centre and existing sites within the cell and also the location of adjoining cells and sites.
  • An O.S. base map to an appropriate scale (usually 1:50,000 or 1:25,000) highlighting all alternatives that have been considered. This should focus on existing masts and structures.


Site Location Plan – (minimum scale 1:2500, preferably on an O.S. base) Should show:

  • the location and means of access from a public road to the site clearly outlined in red;
  • where there is no O.S. base available, the location plan should show the position of buildings within 100m and at least two public highways for reference.

Site Layout Plan – (minimum scale 1:500) Should show:

  • the boundaries of the site;
  • the position of existing and proposed equipment including all antennas, and radio equipment housing as well as ownership by individual operator;
  • any means of enclosure;
  • the position of any adjoining buildings and/or trees;
  • any landscaping proposals, including boundary proposals;
  • the means of access (rights of way should be hatched in green);
  • existing site features.
A clear differentiation between existing and proposed equipment should be made. If this cannot be achieved separate drawings should be submitted.

Elevations – (minimum scale 1:100) Should show:

  • details of height, width and appearance of the equipment and any radio equipment housing. Also any colour proposals;
  • similar details of any structure and/or buildings to which the equipment will be attached;
  • details of any equipment that is to be removed (if applicable);
  • any adjacent buildings, trees, safety/ security fencing or other telecommunications equipment at scale to the development.

Equipment on buildings

5.5 Where proposals relate to the installation of equipment on buildings the following additional plans may be required.

Roof Plan – (appropriate scale e.g. 1:100) Should show:

  • the whole roof of the building;
  • details of existing and proposed equipment including all antennas, radio equipment housing, access platforms and air conditioning plant.
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