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DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment
Urban Areas

4.4 Development of radio telecommunications equipment will continue to be concentrated in urban areas, where demand is greatest. Many opportunities exist to sensitively site telecommunications installations, to blend in and disguise equipment and make use of existing buildings and other structures. Wherever possible operators should seek to use small-scale equipment.
4.5 Areas that already have engineered forms and structures will often offer the best opportunity for siting equipment. Less visually sensitive areas where the use of standard equipment may be more readily acceptable include:
  • industrial areas;
  • large traffic junctions;
  • land adjacent to railway lines;
  • landfill sites;
  • wastewater treatment sites;
  • on or near water towers; and
  • floodlighting towers.
Antenna attached to a floodlight pylon
Antenna attached to a floodlight pylon
4.6 Visually sensitive locations within urban areas where it is particularly necessary to take positive steps to blend in or disguise equipment include:
  • conservation areas and areas of townscape character;
  • scheduled ancient monuments and their settings;
  • listed buildings and their settings; and
  • recreational areas, e.g. public open space.
4.7 EHS Built Heritage Opens link in a new browser window will be consulted on proposals affecting archaeological sites or listed buildings.
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