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DCAN 11(Draft): Access for all - Designing for an Accessible Environment
Annex D - Draft Development Control Advice Note 11 Screening for Equality Impact Assessment (Page 3 of 3)

3.0 Impact Assessment Decision

3.1 Full impact assessment procedure is confined to those policies considered likely to have significant implications for equality of opportunity and community relations.

Do you consider, taking account of the Screening Analysis in Section 2.0, that this policy / policy document needs to be submitted to a full equality impact assessment?
YES �     NO ��     (please tick)

Reason for Decision

As a result of the screening analysis in Section 2.0 it is considered that there will be no significant adverse implications for equality of opportunity or community relations as a result of the guidance contained in DCAN 11.
In conclusion the Department would reiterate that the DCAN is not a policy document, rather it seeks to support and complement the Department’s policy on access contained in PPS 3. Accordingly decisions on the acceptability of access proposals, including reserved parking, will be taken in the context of the policies of PPS 3, while the DCAN concentrates on raising awareness of the issue of disabled access and providing design guidance which seeks to promote best practice in the creation of a more accessible environment for the benefit of all.
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