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DCAN 11: Access for People with Disabilities
Car Parking Provision

11.The Department recommends that where car parking provision is in excess of 50 spaces 4% should be reserved specifically for people with disabilities. In smaller car parks at least one space should be provided. Where possible reserved spaces should be provided within 50 metres of a point of entry to the development. A covered way should be considered where distances exceed 50 metres. Parking bays should be 3.6 metres wide [3.3 minimum] to allow transfer from car to a wheelchair. An economy of space can be achieved by combining such bays in pairs of 2.4 metres width with a common zone of transfer of 1.2 metres 10.9 metres minimum].
12. Reserved spaces should be clearly designated for use by people with disabilities and should be clearly signposted. The pedestrian route from the parking spaces to the point of entry should be clearly defined and well lit.
13. Pathways should be a minimum width of 1.2 metres and if possible 1.8 metres to allow wheelchairs to pass. A greater width may be required if large pedestrian flows are anticipated. Path edges should be clearly defined and slip resistant surfaces should be used. All pathways should be well lit. The use of colour contrasts can assist partially sighted people.
14. The pathway system should where possible be designed to avoid crossing vehicular routes within the site. Where this is not practicable use should be made of "dropped kerbs" and textured surfaces so that the crossing point is suitable for both wheelchair users and people with visual impairments.
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