DCAN 10: Environmental Impact Assessment

18.1 The Department will have to satisfy itself that Environmental Statements submitted contain the information specified in Part II of Schedule 4 to the Regulations including all the relevant information set out in Part I of that Schedule (Annex D) that the developer can reasonably be required to compile. Where appropriate, the Department will assess the need for further information and request any additional information as early as possible in the consideration of the application. A planning application is not invalid because an inadequate ES has been submitted.

18.2 The Regulations require developers to make a reasonable number of copies of ES’s available to the public at a specified address and at a reasonable cost reflecting the cost of printing and distribution. This requirement will similarly apply to additional information submitted.

18.3 The Department is required to advertise the receipt and availability of ES’s and additional information (from the developer) for public inspection allowing 4 weeks for any comments and representations.

19.0 Request for further information

19.1 Where further information is considered at any stage in the processing of the EIA application to be required, the Department will request such information in writing from the applicant. Any additional information subsequently received which is likely to be contained in an addendum to the original ES will be made available to the public as would have been required for the original ES.

19.2 In cases where the Department requests the PAC to hold a Public Inquiry in relation to an Article 31 application, it is unlikely that a date for such an Inquiry would be able to be arranged until environmental information on all issues relevant to the application has been submitted for consideration in the first instance to the Department.

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