DCAN 10: Environmental Impact Assessment

Tourism and leisure

Ski-runs, ski lifts and cable-cars and associated developments

A30. EIA is more likely to be required if the development is over 500 metres in length, or if it requires a site of more than 5 hectares. In addition to any visual or ecological impacts, particular regard should also be had to the potential traffic generation.


A31 In assessing whether significant effects are likely, particular regard should be had to any wider impacts on natural coastal processes outside the site, as well as the potential noise and traffic generation. EIA is more likely to be required for large new marinas, for example where the proposal is for more than 300 berths (seawater site) or 100 berths (freshwater site). EIA is unlikely to be required where the development is located solely within an existing dock or basin.

Holiday villages and hotel complexes outside urban areas and associated developments; permanent camp sites and caravan sites; theme parks

A32 In assessing the significance of tourism development, visual impacts, ecosystems and traffic generation will be key considerations. The effects of new theme parks are more likely to be significant if it is expected that they will generate more than 250,000 visitors per year. EIA is likely to be required for major new tourism and leisure developments which require a site of more than 10 hectares. In particular, EIA is more likely to be required for holiday villages or hotel complexes with more than 300 bed spaces, or for permanent camp sites or caravan sites with more than 200 pitches.

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