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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Demolition and Redevelopment

5.4 Demolition and redevelopment of existing houses presents the greatest challenge in terms of retaining the character and integrity of the established street scene. Without great care and attention to detail in terms of the siting of buildings, their massing and architectural treatment, the use of materials and the maintenance of the existing landscape, there is a danger that redevelopment schemes will detrimentally affect the quality and character of the residential environment.
5.5 Particular attention needs to be taken over the design of the new road access and its relationship to the street. An imaginative approach is needed which considers the whole character of place including enclosure, landscape treatment and the sequence of spaces within the development.
5.6 Redevelopment is generally the least attractive option for residential intensifi cation. The Department will need to be convinced that redevelopment is preferable to conversion (and extension); that the quality of the proposal is suffi ciently high to maintain or enhance the established environmental quality of an area; and that there is no undue impact on the privacy and amenity of adjacent residents.
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