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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Planning Policy Statement 7 - Quality Residential Environment

2.10 PPS 7 - Quality Residential Environments, published in 2001, seeks to achieve residential developments which promote quality and sustainability in their design and layout, and which are in harmony with their townscape setting. It applies to all developments regardless of size.
2.11 Within the context of the Regional Development Strategy, PPS 7, seeks to achieve quality residential developments on both brownfield and greenfield sites.
2.12 This Planning Policy Statement complements the RDS, and the other PPSs mentioned in this section which are aimed at achieving attractive and sustainable places through better design. It recognises that the quality of development resides not only on the design of its parts, but also on the overall character of what is created.
2.13 PPS 7 highlights the need for residential development in urban areas to respect its immediate setting, in order to avoid a level of intensification which can adversely affect local townscape character and identity. The Department considers that analysis of context is particularly important, and emphasises that new development should seek to reinforce and evolve local characteristics that are considered to be positive and attractive.
2.14 In Conservation Areas and Areas of Townscape Character, PPS 7 requires that housing proposals will maintain or enhance their distinctive character and appearance.  Proposals involving intensification will only be permitted in these areas in exceptional circumstances.
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