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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Providing appropiate garden and amenity open space

3.24 Garden sizes should be appropriate to context, and the amount and nature of space provided will vary widely from generous private gardens where family houses are being developed, to balconies and communal open spaces which are associated with apartment development. While greater provision may be expected for individual houses, in the case of apartment or flat developments, and 1 and 2 bedroom houses on small urban infill sites, communal gardens will be acceptable, where appropriate management arrangements are agreed.
3.25 The amount, location, type and design of open space provision for amenity purposes will normally be discussed with developers according to the specific characteristics of the development, the site and its context, also having regard to the Department’s policy contained in PPS 8 -‘Open Space, Sport and Recreation’.
3.26 Therefore, whilst the Department will take a flexible approach in considering the form and amount of open space, the fundamental concerns will be to ensure that its provision is appropriate to residents needs, and is robust in its design, layout and use of materials and also that it provides for a safe and secure environment.
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