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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Appendix 2: New TSN Implications

  1. New TSN is a Government initiative aimed at identifying people and areas in greatest need and seeking to ensure that programmes and policies are more effectively targetted to address this disadvantage.
  2. The planning guidance contained in Development Control Advice Note entitled ‘Housing in Existing Urban Areas’ (DCAN 8) is intended to supplement the Department’s existing published planning policies for housing development in Northern Ireland.
  3. The DCAN is not in itself a policy document, and as such it will not directly infl uence the zoning of land. It seeks to inform consideration of matters of detail in relation to planning applications for new housing in existing urban areas. These applications can relate to any urban location in Northern Ireland.
  4. When publishing the consultation draft of the DCAN, the Department did not consider that the Advice Note would have any implications for targetting any fi nancial or other Government resources to specifi c people or areas. It has also been concluded that there are no New TSN implications associated with the publication of the final version of the DCAN.
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