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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Appendix 1: Need for Equality Impact Assessment

  1. DCAN 8 was initially included by the Department in the Equality Scheme which was approved by the Equality Commission on 8 February 2001. At that stage, the DCAN was entitled ‘Small Unit Housing’, and it was judged that the contents could possibly have a differential impact on the following Section 75 groups:
    • persons with dependants and persons without;
    • men and women generally;
    • persons of different ages; and
    • persons of different marital status.
  2. When preparing the draft for public consultation, the Department rescreened the document, and concluded that there would be no signifi cant implications for equality of opportunity or community relations arising from the contents of the DCAN. Therefore, it was considered that an Equality Impact Assessment was not required.
  3. The Public Consultation Draft was widely circulated, and was sent to representatives of the nine Section 75 groups. However, only one respondent raised the subject of the Equality Impact Assessment. Transport 2000, the National Environmental Transport body, felt that with the exception of provisions for the private car, accessibility and transport issues had been under represented in the draft document, and that this could have an adverse impact on some of the Section 75 groups. However, issues relating to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport have been more fully addressed in the fi nal version of the document. It is considered that the points raised by Transport 2000 are of a general nature, and do not alter the decision not to carry out an Equality Impact Assessment.
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