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Linen Conservation Area

Location: Belfast
Designation date: 11 December 1992


Linen Conservation Area
This area is important for its historical and architectural heritage as well as its potential for future development.
The area played a very important role in the social and economic development of the linen trade and in the 19th Century growth of Belfast from town to city.
It had its beginnings in Georgian times but blossomed fully in the 1860's when Belfast overtook Leeds and Dundee to become the world leader in linen production. By the end of the Century the city was well established as the linen capital of the world.

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In the 20th Century the linen industry declined dramatically. The Linen Conservation Area, however has continued to occupy an important position in the economic life of the City and today it is one of the most important office sectors in the City Centre.

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The design guide generally provides information on the planning context, historical development, description or character appraisal of the area, the designation and guidelines for development proposals.

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