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Bushmills Conservation Area

Location: Co. Antrim
Designation date: 26 June 1992


Bushmills Conservation AreaThough Bushmills was not a Plantation town, there are clear expressions of formal, 19th century planning.
The town also has the highest number of Listed Buildings for any town or village in the North East Area.  Although most of these are domestic buildings or shops, the list also contains an extraordinary diverse assemblage of other buildings. In light of this the boundary was drawn as to bring as many as possible with the Conservation Area.

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The association of Bushmills with whiskey is a long and close one. Consequently, buildings and heritage features important to the understanding of the growth and development of the settlement have been included, such as, the distillery and the remains of the once extensive system of mill races. Landscape features and wood areas that contribute to the setting of the town have also been included.

The Design Guide

The design guide generally provides information on the planning context, historical development, description or character appraisal of the area, the designation and guidelines for development proposals.

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