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The Strategic Design Group (SDG) is endorsed and supported by the Departments for Infrastructure and Communities. It is jointly chaired by Angus Kerr (Director of Planning Policy Division - DfI) and Andrew Haley (Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group).
The collective SDG membership is passionate about making places better and maximising the wider economic, cultural and community benefits of the built and natural environment. The group was instrumental in the successful delivery of the multi-award winning 'Living Places' - Urban Stewardship and Design Guide for Northern Ireland.

Key Information

SDG Core Membership

The Aim of the Strategic Design Group

"Working together to promote successful, inclusive, well designed places which inspire civic stewardship and have an enduring positive impact on people’s lives".

Living Places

This Urban Stewardship and Design Guide aims to clearly establish the key principles behind good place making. It seeks to inform and inspire all those involved in the process of managing (stewardship) and making (design) urban places, with a view to raising standards across Northern Ireland.

Link to the document below:

Ten Qualities of Stewardship and Design

'Living Places' advocates Ten Qualities of Urban Stewardship and Design. These 'qualities' are considered to be the critical ingredients of successful places which should be pursued by all those involved in shaping the urban environment.
This leaflet provides an at-a-glance summary of each quality.

Download the 'Leaflet' below:

Best Practice Place Profiles

Everyone can identify places which they value and enjoy spending time in. Successful places contribute positively to our health and well-being and can make us feel good.
Good places are achieved when professions, public authorities, organisations and individuals work collaboratively, pursuing the 10 qualities of successful place-making as set out in 'Living Places'.

Download the 'Place Profile' template below:

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Send local examples of successful places to the SPPS team for others to view and be inspired by.

View best practice 'Place Profiles' here

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