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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 9 Resources

Policy SP 9 Resources
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.(insofar as it relates to agricultural land).
To protect resources which are important to the regional economy.
Northern Ireland has the benefit of a number of natural resources, including productive agricultural land and valuable mineral reserves. Resources, which are of importance to the regional economy, will be protected from inappropriate developments. The best agricultural land will, so far as possible, be kept free from development. Mineral resources, like lignite, will be which are important to reserved for possible future development - see policies AG 1 and MIN 3.
Northern Ireland generally has a clean environment and also a diversity of attractive landscapes, natural habitats and evidence of rich cultural traditions. These resources can contribute to the quality of local life and to a sense of local identity. They are valuable for their own sake and for their role in education, leisure and tourism. A quality environment has an economic value in attracting inward investment and as a marketing asset of particular importance to the tourist industry. Planning policy will be applied to prevent over-exploitation; to avoid pollution and to ensure that the quality and variety of these assets are not degraded, as a consequence of other developments.
The efficient use of energy will be taken into consideration in the preparation of development plans and in the control of development. Increasingly this factor could influence decisions involving the location of new development, particularly in settlements. Land use zoning will take account of the need to relate different developments to one another in a way which will improve accessibility and reduce dependence upon the private car. Energy efficiency is also likely to affect the detailed layout of new developments.
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