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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 5 Dispersed Rural Communities

Policy SP 5 Dispersed Rural Communities
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
To identify and designate dispersed communities in certain rural areas and establish criteria for their future development.
Some rural areas display symptoms of economic and social disadvantage. These areas may contain dispersed communities with a strong sense of identity. In the interests of promoting rural regeneration, the Planning Service will, in consultation with the District Council and the Department of Agriculture, identify and designate such communities in development plans.
The criteria for the identification of rural communities include a traditional focal point, with some physical sense of place and convincing evidence of local community activity serving a wide rural area - see Policy HOU 7.
Planning criteria will be established for the future development of these settlements. Dispersed rural communities will not necessarily be defined by a limit of development. Instead preferred locations for new development may be identified in the plan or criteria may be established to guide and evaluate development proposals. While principally a location for single houses, some of these rural communities may accommodate a small group of houses including those necessary to renew unfit housing stock or to meet other local need. Appropriate Some dispersed rural industrial and commercial enterprises and communities may new community buildings may also accommodate a small be accommodated.
The identification of dispersed rural communities will not necessarily ensure the provision of infrastructure in such locations
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