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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 2 Towns

Policy SP 2 Towns
To assess the potential for the growth of towns and plan for their future development.
The potential of each town to grow will be assessed. Most towns are local service centres for their rural catchment population. Most are centres of employment and have the capacity to expand that role and to accommodate housing development. The planning assessment will include an analysis of development trends and an estimate of the capacity of the town to meet its own needs and to contribute to meeting the needs of a wider rural area. The potential for growth may be limited by strategic, environmental or infrastructure considerations.
The development plan will set out how each town will accommodate future development taking account of its physical layout and historic character. Limits of development will be defined. For reasons of topography, amenity or environment, the limit of development may define a permanent boundary to the built-up area. In other places, the limit may represent a realistic boundary for planning purposes for the period of the plan. Land will be zoned for the principal land uses in order to guide development to the most appropriate locations. Sufficient land will be zoned to provide choice and flexibility in the development process, taking account of local circumstances. Some land may be left unzoned as white land within the development limit. White land provides a development land reserve which can be zoned later as required and as infrastructure becomes available.
Proposals for maintaining and enhancing the environment will be included in keeping with the integrity of the town's his toric settlement form and character.
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