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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 19 Rural Design

Policy SP 19 Rural Design
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
To promote high standards for the siting and design of new development in the open countryside.
There is widespread concern about the quality of development in the countryside, particularly houses of inappropriate design in visually prominent locations, with an absence of suitable landscaping.
The Department is committed to improving rural design and accepts that it should assist and design of new developers with clear guidance and advice. Design policies are set out in this Strategy and it is development in the proposed to publish design guidance for the Northern Ireland countryside. Other guidance on open countryside. design may be produced for local areas and for individual Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Design is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications for development in the countryside and all proposals will be expected to meet appropriate standards. The task of designing a building and integrating it into the landscape requires considerable skill. Good design is a sound investment for clients and the community.
Developers and their agents should discuss the design details of proposals with staff in the Divisional Planning Office, before submitting a planning application. Where an application for outline planning permission is submitted the Planning Service may require additional information to be satisfied that the proposed development can be integrated into the countryside.
The impact of new buildings on the character of an area varies with the prominence of the site, the sensitivity of the setting and its capacity to absorb development. The main elements are the selection of the site, the definition of the site boundaries, the positioning of the building on site, the treatment of ancillary features, landscaping, the detailed design and appearance of the building and the choice and use of materials - see Policy DES 5.
For new buildings, including houses, good design, whether traditional or modern is a requirement. The sensitive use of appropriate materials is fundamental to good design. A much greater emphasis will be placed on appropriate landscaping to complement the building and to integrate it into its rural setting. In Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where it is considered that a strong local tradition is important to the identity of the area, new buildings will be required to respect and reflect the traditional architectural styles and settlement pattern of the locality.
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