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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 18 Designs in Towns and Villages

Policy SP 18 Design in Towns and Villages
To promote high standards of siting and design within towns and villages.
Towns and villages have their own character, the result of their historic origins and growth, each in a unique location. Proposals for development should respect their character and sense of place.
Areas of special character, including existing or proposed Conservation Areas, will be defined and protected - see Policy SP 15. Locally important vistas, which should be kept, will also be identified. In appropriate circumstances, local guidance will be produced, whether for particular standards of siting and areas such as Conservation Areas, sites or types of development, in order to encourage good design. Ways which the design of public areas could be improved maybe identified.
New development should be well designed and relate satisfactorily to the townscape setting. In particular new housing development in a smaller settlement should reinforce its character rather than mask it with typical suburban forms. It is important to protect the settings of listed buildings as well as to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of Conservation Areas - see Policies SP 15 and DES 2.
In all settlements it will be planning policy to seek attractive frontages which maintain the scale and integrity of the street as a whole. The development of inappropriately high buildings will be resisted.
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