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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 15 Heritage

Policy SP 15 Heritage
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and Built Heritage
To Safeguard features of the historic landscape and the best of the built environment.
Development plans can help to reconcile the need for development with the interests of conservation including archaeology. Features of our man-made heritage will be identified in the Countryside Assessments carried out in the preparation of development plans - see Policy DES 1.
There is growing concern about the continuing loss of traditional buildings with their historical associations and local character. These buildings developed as a response to local economic and social circumstances, using simple styles and largely local materials. They have a natural place in the landscape and give the countryside its personality. Traditional local buildings should be retained as part of our culture and as part of the regional identity. It is sensible to rehabilitate and improve existing buildings, rather than replace them or allow than to fall derelict, and the Department would encourage this approach. For those buildings listcd for their special architectural or historic interest the strategy is to preserve both the buildings and their settings.
The modem landscape is an historic landscape, the product of human activity over thousands of years, and contains features which are evidence of the development of our society. Archaeological remains are a limited and diminishing resource which once destroyed cannot be renewed. They are part of our sense of identity and valuable both for their own sake and for their role in education, leisure and tourism. The Department will seek to protcct archrieological remains and their settings - see Policies CON 4 and CON 6.
There are many areas of architectural or historic interest, some of which are worthy of designation as Conservation Areas. These will be identified in development plans. The objective in controlling development in Conservation Areas is to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the areas. The booklets published when such areas are sesignated will include guidance on the standards of development. Other areas of historic value may be identified, as Areas of Townscape or Village Character in order to be protected and enhanced- Policy CON 5.
Concern about our cultural heritage also encompasses historic landscaped parks, gardens, estates ansd demesnes including , where appropriate, their boundary walls and other features.
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