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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 13 The Coast

Policy SP 13 The Coast
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy (insofar as it relates to Green Belts and Countryside Policy Areas).
To protect the coast from inappropriate development.
Northern Ireland's coastline is of great importance not only for its striking natural beauty, but also in terms of its scientific interest, its wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities. The coast is of great economic value and is the location of ports and many of our major urban areas and industries. Society continues to place considerable demands on coastal areas. In addition to man's influence the coastline is also subject to continual change resulting from dynamic natural development processes.
The natural character and landscape of the undeveloped coast will be conserved throughout its length by inclusion within Green Belts or a series of Countryside Policy Areas. This is essential to safeguard this unique element in our natural heritage and to protect it from inappropriate development - see Policy CO 1.
Within settlement limits strict control will be exercised over coastal development. Proposals will be assessed against the objective to safeguard the natural and man-made environment and amenity. There is scope for many positive proposals to take advantage of the sea or water frontage, in particular, opportunities for public access or public uses sensitively placed in a natural setting. There are also opportunities for port and related activities, if not in conflict with planning and environmental considerations. The details of policies and proposals will be determined in development plans in the light of local circumstances.
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