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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Strategic Policies: Policy SP 10 Tourism

Policy SP 10 Tourism
This policy has been superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
To facilitate appropriate tourist and recreational developments
Planning policy will be exercised positively in favour of tourism, subject to environmental impact. Tourist developments can make a significant contribution to the regional economy, particularly in places where alternatives to agricultural employment are needed. There is scope for tourist development in towns and villages, especially those which contain areas of tourist and recreational architectural or historic interest, or are located in scenic landscapes or have a coastal setting. In developments. order to support the tourist industry, suitable tourist developments near to existing attractions or in close proximity to existing tourist facilities will normally be approved - see Policy TOU 1.
It is likely that Northern Ireland's recreational needs will continue to be met mainly on land reserved for that purpose in settlements. Favourable consideration may also be given to proposals for the use of land, surplus to agricultural requirements, for outdoor sporting or recreational purposes or amenity open space - see policies REC 1 and REC 2.
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