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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Strategic Policies: Policy SP 1 Development Plans

Policy SP 1 Development Plans
This policy has been superseded by PPS 1-General Principles
PPS 1-General Principles has been cancelled by the publication of the SPPS
To provide development plans in consultation with District Councils and local communities, tailored to the specific needs of particular localities in Northern Ireland.
The Department has a programme of development plans for all Districts. Development plans will interpret at a local level the regional planning policies contained within this Strategy and set out district policies and proposals.
Development plans provide the primary means of reconciling conflicts between the need for development and the need to protect the natural and man-made environment. They are intended to plan for the specific circumstances and needs of each District Council Area. They provide a firm basis for rational and consistent decisions on planning applications.
The Department consults with the District Council during the preparation of a development plan and will encourage community groups, other organisations and individuals to contribute to the plan-making process. It will take account of all representations received and other information about the needs and opportunities of local communities.
Through this process the Department hopes to obtain a wide measure of agreement with local communities on the policies and proposals for their areas.
The preparation of development plans will take account of the Government's drive to foster rural development, particularly in disadvantaged areas. The plans will therefore reflect the coordinated approach being taken by the Department of the Environment and the Department of Agriculture to stimulate rural regeneration.
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