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Regional Planning Policies: Policy IC 14 Rural Shops

Policy IC 14 Rural Shops
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 5-Retailing and Town Centres.
PPS 5 cancelled by the publication of the SPPS
To resist the development of inappropriate retail facilities in the open countryside.
Retailing will generally be directed to existing settlements of appropriate size. Proposals for out -of-centre shopping will be considered unacceptable if the proposed location is in the open countryside, the urban fringe, or in villages. New retail facilities are better located on appropriate sites within the limits of development of existing towns and cities. This policy will apply to new shopping centres, large individual stores or supermarkets, both day to day convenience shopping and comparison goods shopping, and the development of retail warehouses and bulky goods stores.
Facilities which may be considered acceptable in rural locations include:
  • farm shops, clearly tied to an existing fann holding or occupant;
  • shops designed to serve existing tourist or recreational facilities and clearly secondary to the main use;
  • small-scale shops attached to existing or approved craft workshops in order to permit direct retailing of the product to the public;
  • appropriate scale facilities attached to existing or approved petrol filling stations; and
  • a small-scale shop to serve a designated dispersed rural community.
Such new facilities will normally be required to be located within existing buildings. Outside Green Belts and Countryside Policy Areas, new buildings may be acceptable provided they are small in scale and are satisfactorily integrated into an existing group of buildings.
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