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Regional Planning Policies: Policy IC 11 Retail Warehouses

Policy IC 11 Retail Warehouses
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 5-Retailing and Town Centres.
PPS 5 cancelled by the publication of the SPPS
To give favourable consideration to the provision of retail warehouses on appropriate sites within urban areas which are in or adjacent to existing shopping centres.
It is acknowledged that developments trading in bulky goods and DIY products are difficult to accommodate within town centres given their parking and servicing requirements. The siting of such developments in out-of-town centre locations can have a beneficial influence on town centres through the provision of an alternative location for the sale of bulky goods thus reducing traffic congestion and through the attraction of additional retail custom to the town.
Retail warehouses are defined as large single - level individual retail stores which specialise in the sale of non-food goods such as DIY, furniture, carpets, electrical and gardening goods, catering mainly for car-borne customers. Retail parks are an agglomeration of at least 3 retail warehouses.
Proposals for retail warehouse development within urban areas will normally be directed to sites in or adjacent to existing town or shopping centres thereby complementing and reinforcing the role of the centre. In exceptional circumstances where such a site is not feasible, an alternative site within the urban area may be acceptable provided the proposal is compatible with existing land uses in the immediate area. The proposal itself, or in conjunction with existing or approved other uses in the vicinity, must be of a scale which is considered appropriate for the location.
Favourable consideration may be given to proposals for retail warehouse development provided:
  • they cannot be practically or appropriately accommodated within existing town or shopping centres;
  • they complement existing town centres by providing for a range of goods difficult to accommodate in town centres;
  • they do not have an adverse impact on the vitality and viability of or investment in established centres. While individual units may have a limited impact, the Department will also consider the cumulative impact of existing and proposed retail warehouses; and
  • they do not have an adverse impact on amenity, traffic movements or road safety and are satisfactory in terms of car parking, design and landscaping.
Permission for retail warehouses may be subject to conditions setting a minimum floorspace and restricting the range and type of goods to be sold.
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