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Regional Planning Policies: Policy IC 7 Major Industrial Projects

Policy IC 7 Major Industrial Projects
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 4-Planning and Economic Development
In assessing proposals for major industrial projects of national or regional importance account will be taken of the impact on the environment or local communities.
Major industrial developments can, even with careful site location, present difftcult environmental problems. Locations within urban areas could have a significant impact on neighbouring land uses. Certain developments, due to size or specific site requirements, cannot be located within existing urban areas and may require a site in the countryside.
In considering applications for such proposals an assessment will be made of the benefits derived from the development, in terms of meeting community needs or the creation of employment opportunities, as well as the potential environmental effects of the proposal. This type of development requires careful judgement based on a comprehensive assessment of all the relevant information. The majority of these projects are likely to be subject to an environmental assessment under the appropriate statutory regulations. Detailed practice relating to this policy is as set out under Policy PSU 2.
For such a development to be approved it will be necessary to demonstrate that there is an overriding national or regional reason for the development and where appropriate, a thorough exploration of less damaging alternatives has been made and that these alternatives are unsuitable.
In the case of proposals within or affecting Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, sites of archaeological interest and areas of nature conservation importance, it will be necessary to demonstrate that all reasonable alternatives have been explored and found to be unacceptable. for, proposals potential environment.
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