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Regional Planning Policies: Policy HOU 12 Personal and Domestic Circumstances

Policy HOU 12 Personal and Domestic Circumstances
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
To grant planning permission for a dwelling house when there are compelling, and site specific, personal or domestic circumstances for living in the countryside.
There may be cases where special personal or domestic circumstances require a new house to be built in the countryside within a Green Belt or Countryside Policy Area (CPA). Planning approval for a house, in these circumstances, will be considered as an exception to the general presumption against new houses in Green Belts and CPAs and is only likely to be justified in a small number of cases.
The applicant will have to demonstrate that a new dwelling is a necessary response to the particular circumstances of the case and that genuine hardship would be caused if planning permission were refused. The test is whether a dwelling on that particular site is needed for special personal or domestic reasons, as against a general need or desire to live m the countryside.
A permanent house has long term implications for the landscape of the countryside. In most cases there may be alternative solutions to meet a particular need, e.g. a temporary mobile home, house extension or flat attached to the existing dwelling.
Houses and temporary mobile homes granted for special personal or domestic reasons will be subject to a condition restricting occupation to the person concerned, including any dependants living with that person.
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