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Regional Planning Policies: Policy HOU 8 Houses in the Countryside

Policy HOU 8 Houses in the Countryside
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
Planning permission will be granted for single dwelling houses in the countryside outside Green Belts or Countryside Policy Areas subject to detailed planning and environmental criteria.
The majority of land, considered by the Department as suitable for housing developments, will be zoned through the development plan system in towns and identified within the statutory development limits of smaller settlements. Planning permission will not normally be granted for groups of houses in the open countryside outside the development limits of designated settlements or designated dispersed rural communities.
There is, however, a presumption in favour of planning permission for single new houses in the countryside, subject to normal planning and environmental considerations and provided the site is not within a Green Belt or Countryside Policy Area, or requires access to a main traffic route. The main planning considerations will include access, method of sewage disposal and drainage. The environmental considerations include siting, design, landscaping, the ability of the house to integrate into the landscape, the effect on the natural and man-made environment and the capacity of the locality to accommodate another dwelling without cumulative and adverse visual impact on its rural character.
Details of the planning and environmental considerations relevant to single new houses in the countryside are found in Policies DES 5, DES 6 & DES 7 and PSU 4, PSU 5 & PSU 9. If the house site is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Policy DES 4 is also relevant
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