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Regional Planning Policies: Policy HOU 3 Housing Redevelopment

Policy HOU 3 Housing Redevelopment
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 12-Housing in Settlements
To facilitate the re-use for housing of previously developed sites, within towns and villages, in preference to greenfield sites.
Built-up areas contain land which was once in full use, but is now underused or vacant. Getting this land back into beneficial use is important for urban regeneration. It can relieve the pressures for development in the open countryside, particularly around the settlements. The re-use of such sites, in preference to greenfield sites, helps to prevent the sprawl of towns and villages and so helps to protect their setting. It limits the take up of agricultural land and often prevents costly extensions to infrastructure provision.
Planning permission for housing development on redundant or derelict sites, and the development of infill or opportunity sites in general, will be dependent on a satisfactory residential environment being provided and subject to no overriding need for other uses on that land. The cumulative effect of infill development must not damage the character and amenity of existing areas.
New housing will not normally be permitted near activities which would have a significant detrimental effect on the local residential environment, or on the health of residents because of noise, dust, fumes or smell. There is a strong presumption against permitting residential development on a site which is, or is expected to become, subject to excessive noise.
There will be cases where it is acceptable to redevelop existing industrial sites for housing due to the disadvantages of the sites for modern businesses. Whether industrial land is suitable for housing development will depend on a number of factors and each case will be treated on its merits. The various ecological and environmental factors inhibiting development and the potential loss of industrial land will be weighed against the positive gain of replacing unsightly industrial buildings and uses.
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