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Regional Planning Policies: Policy DES 8 Renovations and Extensions

Policy DES 8 Renovations and Extensions
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
Sympathetic design schemes for the renovation or extension of existing buildings will be encouraged.
Alterations to the structure of a building can radically alter its appearance and detract from its original character. Proposals to renovate, rehabilitate or extend existing buildings will be considered on their individual merits and, subject to any Green Belt or CPA policy constraints, the primary consideration will normally be design.
In considering proposals for the renovation or extension of existing buildings, special attention will be paid to the form, proportion, design and materials of the development, in relation to the original building and the effect on its setting and surroundings. Strict control will be exercised in assessing applications for all alterations to listed buildings. There will however be a sufficient degree of flexibility for alterations to non-listed buildings, to allow for the introduction of modern facilities, while at the same time ensuring the basic character of the property is maintained.
Extensions should normally be confined to the rear or least important facades, and any extension should be of a height and form, which is in scale with the existing building and its setting. More detailed design practice for development proposals in settlements is given in Policy DES 2 and specifically for extensions to houses in Policy HOU 16.
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