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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Regional Planning Policies: Design Principles

Building on Northern Ireland's environmental strengths is a strategic priority. A balance is necessary between the need to facilitate new developments and the need to protect or enhance the natural and man-made environment.
The Department does not view the design principles outlined in the policies and practice of this section, together with other environmental standards, as subsidiary to social and economic needs. Rather they form the fundamental basis for sound policies and proposals in development plans and for the control of development in rural Northern Ireland.
Even in Districts which face severe social and economic problems, for example, as a consequence of rural depopulation or high unemployment, there are good reasons for such an approach. A high quality environment is vital in helping to attract inward investment and in encouraging tourism both of which can help to create new jobs.
Design in this context includes the location of the development site in the landscape, the positioning of the development within its site boundaries, as well as the detailed architectural design of the building or buildings and the layout of the site.
The Design Principles section of the Regional Planning Policies contains the following policies:
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