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Regional Planning Policies: Policy GB/CPA 3 Dwelling Houses

POLICY GB/CPA 3 Dwelling Houses
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
In a Green Belt or Countryside Policy Area, planning permission will be granted for a new dwelling house if it is:
  • to meet the essential needs of an established agricultural,commercial or industrial enterprise (policies HOU 9 & HOU 11 );
  • to facilitate a retiring farmer (Policy HOU 10);
  • to meet special personal or domestic circumstances (Policy HOU 12);
  • to replace an existing dwelling (Policy HOU 13), or
  • to infill a small gap in on otherwise substantially and closely built-up frontage (Policy DES 7).
In order to preserve the open character and visual amenity of Green Belts and CPAs it is necessary to prevent the proliferation of isolated new buildings, including rural dwellings. There will however be circumstances in which new dwellings are justified.
In all cases, other than replacement or the infilling of a small gap, the onus is on the applicant to provide justification of the need for the dwelling. In considering applications for dwellings on farms regard will be given to advice on agricultural need and viability. For dwellings serving non-agricultural enterprises, it will normally be a pre-requisite that the enterprise has been established for several years.
Exceptionally a residential caravan or mobile home may be permitted as a temporary solution to meeting the need for accommodation in a Green Belt or CPA, even when the need is insufficient to justify a permanent dwelling - see Policy HOU 15.
Restrictive occupancy conditions will be imposed on all permissions, for the construction of new dwellings granted on need, to ensure that the dwellings are retained for that need.
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