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Regional Planning Policies: Policy CO 6 Caravans and Chalets

Policy CO 6 Caravans and Chalets
This policy is superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
To resist proposals for new static caravan sites, or chalet development for holiday purposes, or the enlargement of existing facilities within the undeveloped coastal zone.
By their nature and extent caravan parks normally detract from the visual quality of coastal areas. Already some parts of the coastline have suffered a serious loss of amenity by the development of caravan parks. Proposals for new caravan or chalet development or the expansion of existing facilities within the undeveloped coastal zone will normally be resisted - see also Policy TOU 4.
Favourable consideration will however be given to the provision of small sites solely for use by touring caravans. The location of such sites will be restricted to the landward side of coastal settlements or the landward side of the coastal zone, rather than on the undeveloped coast. Approval will be dependent on the site being acceptable in terms of design standards, normal planning criteria and environmental considerations.
While the enlargement of existing sites or the intensification of use of existing sites will be resisted, proposals for the redevelopment of existing sites, including the introduction of ancillary social and recreational facilities, may be given favourable consideration provided there is no intensification of use and that measures are taken to reduce the impact of the development on the local environment.
Exceptionally, small scale rounding off or infilling in existing developments may be approved where it is clear the proposal would make no material impact on the amenity of the area and where the scheme makes a positive contribution to the amelioration of the impact of the total site.
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