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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Regional Planning Policies: Policy AG 1 Agricultural Land Quality

Policy AG 1 Agricultural Land Quality
The provisions of PPS 21 will take precedence over this policy.
To protect the best and most versatile agricultural land within Northern Ireland.
High quality agricultural land is an important resource. Once developed, even for other open space uses, the return to viable agricultural use is rarely feasible. It is important to protect, as far as practicable, the best and most versatile agricultural land from development.
The quality of agricultural land will be an important consideration in the formulation of development plans. Where possible in zoning land for development, planning policy will be to avoid the loss of high grade land. Particular consideration will be given to:
  • maintaining compact settlements;
  • directing development where possible to areas of poorer agricultural quality land; and
  • encouraging the re-use of redundant or derelict land
The potential loss of good or versatile agricultural land will be a material factor which will be given considerable weight when considering applications for development.
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