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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Implementation: Strategy Implementation

Apart from planning controls, the Department may influence the implementation of the Strategy's objectives by direct action. For example, it is directly involved in a number of areas of physical development and is responsible for the improvement of public areas within selected settlements. It is also preparing enhancement strategies for designated Conservation Areas. A positive approach has been taken to conserving areas of architectural and historical interest with a recognition of the contribution that they can make to economic regeneration.
The Department has a positive role in implementing initiatives aimed at assisting economic development, by stimulating private enterprise such as the Urban Development Programme. Likewise, community regeneration projects are supported. The Community Regeneration and Improvement Special Programme (CRISP) is designed to provide regeneration projects in towns and villages in disadvantaged areas with a view to encouraging economic revival. The Department works, m concert with the International Fund for Ireland and in partnership with local community organisations. Regeneration is fostered by a variety of types and combinations of projects. The CRISP schemes and the Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Programme are complementary regeneration activities in disadvantaged rural areas. The two Departments work closely together to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in implementation.
The Department has power to promote comprehensive development schemes where it is considered necessary that an area should be developed, redeveloped or improved as a whole. It can acquire land in connection with a development scheme and also in the interests of the proper planning of an area. Use of such powers is naturally dependent upon an assessment of need and priority and is subject to the availability of resources.
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