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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Implementation: Review

The Department wishes to ensure that the Rural Strategy remains relevant and up-to-date. It is considered that the Strategy, with its associated policies, has inherent flexibility and will be able to respond to changing circumstances. The plan making process allows for modification and alteration to cater for necessary change and adaption, as circumstances vary over time.

The Department will evaluate and review implementation by monitoring a number of key environmental and developmental indices. Circumstances can alter, the needs of society can change, and the community's awareness of and response to environmental issues can develop. It normally takes a period of time before a new strategy is fully implemented and operating effectively. Therefore a five year period would be an appropriate time for evaluation. The Department will consider the need for a formal review of the Strategy in the year 2000 when it would be appropriate to consider its progress and the potential for adjustment to ensure its continued relevance to meet the needs of society in Northern Ireland. A major review of the Strategy will be subject to public consultation.
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