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Strategic Policies: Policy SP 11 Transportation

Policy SP 11 Transportation
This policy has been superseded by: PPS 13-Transportation and Land Use
To facilitate the maintenance and development of an effective and efficient transport network.
Northern Ireland is served by a transport system based principally upon a road network. The regional road network joins the cities and larger towns, the ports and airports and thus provides main linkages with the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. The main road network is clearly To facilitate the an asset contributing to the efficiency of the local economy and reducing, to some extent, the maintenance and effects of peripherality both within Northern Ireland and Europe. The local road network serves development of an the countryside and links the small towns and villages with larger settlements. This network provides a high degree of accessibility.
Given the importance of the transportation system to the economy and life of Northern Ireland, the Department will protect the main elements of the system and facilitate its upgrading, subject to appropriate planning and environmental considerations, including visual amenity and the natural and man-made environment. Where necessary, improvements and extensions to the transportation network will be added as resources permit. The relationship between the use of land and the transport system will be taken into account in the preparation of development plans and in the control of development. It is desirable to protect the system from deterioration and loss of efficiency and to improve accessibility and public safety - see Policy PSU 5.
It is Government policy to encourage forms of development which make people less reliant on the private car and this will be reflected in the preparation of development plans. New homes, shops and workplaces should be planned and sited in ways which assist people to reach them by public transport, bicycle or foot. In particular there may be opportunities for innovative approaches to public transport in rural areas. Where appropriate, priority measures may be introduced to improve public transport.
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