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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Planning Strategy: The Strategy Strategic Policies

The details of the Strategy are set out in strategic policies which are designed to provide a coherent framework for future development in Northern Ireland. Nevertheless it is recognised that there are opposing pressures to be reconciled within the Strategy. For example, the continued development of a dispersed settlement pattern is at odds with the need to reduce costs of providing services to the community and reliance on the car. These opposing pressures have to be balanced. It is apparent that at present there is a very strong desire within rural communities to support a dispersed settlement pattern and the Department's Strategy acknowledges this desire within normal planning and environmental constraints.
The strategic policies are supported by a range of detailed development control policies under individual topic headings and, where appropriate, information on planning practice. The Strategy will be monitored and evaluated over the first five years and the Department will consider the need for a formal review in the year 2000.
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