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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Planning Strategy: Strategic Objectives

The Planning Strategy is based upon an analysis of the key issues and opportunities relevant to rural Northern Ireland. It considers the complex inter-relationships between town and country and seeks to present a clear vision of the future development of the rural area.
There is a variety of interests and expectations regarding future development in Northern Ireland among those who live or work on or own land; those who visit for recreation or leisure; and those who value and seek to conserve natural and cultural attributes. All have opinions, interests and concerns. The Strategy seeks to reconcile the diverse and often conflicting aspirations of these groups and identify solutions which are in the wider public interest.
Strategic Objectives:
  • to protect and enhance the natural and man-made environment;
  • to meet the future development needs of the rural community;
  • to facilitate regeneration of the rural economy;
  • to accommodate change, while maintaining the character of the countryside;
  • to revitalise rural towns and villages in order to make them more attractive places in which to live and work; and
  • to promote a high quality of design new development.
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