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Regional Planning Policies: Policy PSU 15 Infrastructure Costs

Policy PSU 15 Infrastructure Costs
This Policy has been superseded by: PPS 1-General Principles
PPS 1 is cancelled by the publication of the SPPS
Developers may be expected to bear all or part of any additional costs of works required to facilitate their development proposals.
Many development sites will require the provision of additional infrastructure to enable the development to take place. The infrastructure works could include roads, water and sewerage or land drainage.
Development plans will highlight potential infrastructure constraints to the development of zoned sites. Before making a planning application, developers should consult with the Department for guidance on these matters.
It is Government policy to require developers to bear all or part of additional infrastructure costs. This policy applies to both public and private sector developments. Where appropriate, planning agreements under Article 40 of the Planning (NI) Order 1991 may be used to enable development to proceed.
Contributions, in part or in total, to the additional infrastructure works may be required in a variety of circumstances including:
  • where a potential development requires the provision of infrastructure works over and above those programmed by Departments when preparing Area Plans or where early implementation of a programmed scheme is required;
  • where the proposed development is outside the area zoned in the Area Plans and/or is dependent on the carrying out of other works outside the site; and
  • for mineral related applications to facilitate, for example, restoration of landscaping schemes.
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