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Regional Planning Policies: Policy PSU 14 Waste

Policy PSU 14 Waste
This Policy has been superseded by: PPS 11-Planning and Waste Management
Proposals for the disposal or treatment of waste materials will not be permitted where the development would lead to an unacceptable impact on the environment or to unacceptable pollution problems.
In considering proposals for new, or extensions to existing, waste disposal or treatment facilities, the Department will carefully balance the need for the facility against the need to protect and conserve the environment.
Proposals for the disposal of waste materials by landfilling or land raising will only be acceptable in circumstances where the Department is satisfied that:
  • the types of waste to be deposited and the proposed method of disposal will not be likely to cause environmental problems by virtue of noise, dust, windblown litter, odour, leachate escape or landfill gas emissions;
  • the visual impact of the landfilling or land raising operations and the final landform will not be such as to outweigh any benefits which may accrue from permitting the development to proceed;
  • the access to the site and the nature and frequency of associated traffic will not prejudice the safety and convenience of road users or constitute a nuisance to neighbouring residents by reason of noise; and
  • the proposal will not have a significantly adverse effect on areas of amenity, nature conservation, scientific, archaeological or heritage value or on wetlands considered to be of significant ecological value.
Subject to other policies, proposals for the disposal of waste materials on derelict sites and land of low agricultural value by landfilling or land raising, which on completion of operations and reinstatement of the new landform would enable the sites to be put to more beneficial use than originally, will receive favourable consideration.
There will be a presumption against permission being granted for incinerators and chemical waste treatment plants for the disposal of controlled or special wastes either in, or in close proximity to areas designated for their amenity or conservation value, including Green Belts. For a plapning application to succeed in such locations it will be necessary to demonstrate a need for the facility to be located in the designated area and that the proposal will not prejudice its essential character. In dealing with planning applications for such facilities in any part of the rural area, the Department will give careful consideration to the disposal of residues. The potential effects of aerial and aqueous emissions and the implications for the landscape.
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