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Regional Planning Policies: Policy PSU 6 Traffic Management

Policy PSU 6 Traffic Management
This Policy has been superseded by: PPS 13-Transportation and Land Use
Traffic management and traffic calming measures may be considered, where appropriate, in the interests of road safety, traffic movement and improvement of the environment.
Traffic management schemes will be implemented in order to make the best use of available resources, to enhance the safety of vehicle users and pedestrians and to safeguard and improve environmental amenity. Schemes can include one-way systems, computerised traffic signalling systems and bus priority measures.
It is desirable to reduce detrimental effects of road traffic, particularly in residential areas and shopping centres, by various measures which are described as " traffic calming ". The justification for traffic calming is fourfold:
  • to reduce the possibility of accidents and casualties;
  • to reclaim space from the carriageway for pedestrians and non-traffic activities, and to reduce the barrier effects of motor traffic on pedestrian movement;
  • to promote greater feelings of security, particularly among residents, shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists;
  • to reduce problems in historic settlements developed before the motor car.
The term "traffic calming" refers to traffic management measures to reduce the conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians, particularly in residential areas, by devices largely aimed at reducing vehicle speeds. Road narrowing, pedestrian refuges, road humps and a variety of other engineering measures and the introduction of 20 mph zones can be used to reduce and prevent accidents and to contribute to environmental improvement. The introduction of such measures reflects a response to greater public concern about vehicle speeds, the growth in the volume and weight of traffic, and a general desire to reduce potential hazards in the vicinity of residential properties. Where appropriate the lower traffic speeds can be reinforced by specific landscape measures to further improve the local environment.
Measures to restrict traffic flow in new developments are important. Advice on the design of residential roads and footpaths is given in the Department's publication "Layout of Housing Roads Design Guide". New residential layouts will have to demonstrate a suitable approach to the problems of vehicles in residential areas.
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