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Regional Planning Policies: Policy TOU 4 Caravan and Camping Sites

Policy TOU 4 Caravan and Camping Sites
This policy has been superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
To consider proposals for small-scale touring caravan and camping sites in terms of their locational merits with regard to landscape quality, siting and availability of screening.
The provision of sites for caravans and camping is an important element in the accommodation of holiday-makers. The main planning issue raised by the use of land for stationing caravans is that of countryside protection. Caravan sites can be very obtrusive features in the landscape detracting from its scenic quality and amenity.
Parts of the coast have been adversely affected by the development of static caravan sites, which are seen by many as ugly, obtrusive and regimented. The case for any new static caravan development, or the expansion of existing facilities, will be assessed against the need to protect the coastal zone and countryside. The creation and extension of static caravan parks on open or exposed sites, especially adjacent to the coastline, will be discouraged. This will be particularly important in environmentally vulnerable areas.
Appropriately sited small-scale extensions to existing static caravan sites may be permitted where, by rounding-off and improvement to landscaping and layout, the result would be a less intrusive site.
Small-scale touring caravan parks and camping sites are distinct from static caravan sites by being seasonal in character, leaving relatively little evidence of their usage in the winter months. Permission may be granted for touring sites at appropriate locations, where they are effectively screened and not visually intrusive. Access to sites should be carefully planned and should be designed to allow safe movement for cars and caravans to and from the site.
The demand for sites has concentrated traditionally on the most popular holiday areas, particularly on the coast, although there is some demand inland. The policy for new touring caravan parks in coastal Countryside Policy Areas is set out in Policy CO 6.
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