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Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland
Regional Planning Policies: Policy TOU 2 Protection of Tourist Assets

Policy TOU 2 Protection of Tourist Assets
This policy has been superseded by PPS 16 Tourism
To protect key environmental assets for the tourist industry.
Many areas which are important to the tourist industry owe their attraction to the exceptional quality of the landscape or particular features of the built environment. Examples include Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas and historical and archaeological sites. It is important however to protect the qualities of such areas from unnecessary or excessive development. There is a delicate balance in many cases between exploitation of a natural resource and over development which would destroy its intrinsic character and quality.
This Strategy sets out policies to protect various areas of quality landscape and important features of the natural and manmade environment. In some cases, tourist development may be acceptable in an area of stricter planning control - see Policy CO 5. Other individual tourist assets may not be protected by such policies. In all situations the policy will be to protect important assets for the tourist industry, including scenic routes, and to prevent their damage or destruction for short term gain and exploitation.
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